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I have been spending, on average, 16 hours a day at school for the past week. It is grueling. The difficult part is that the vast majority of this time I am actually doing my work. Shocking. While working on the whole graduation thing (May 1 for me), I managed to sign up for the…

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FINGERPRINTS To be a licensed teacher in the Delta, one has to go through an FBI criminal background check, which requires official fingerprinting. As Delta CMs (Corps Members), we have been informed we must get printed at our local police station, that it will be free, and that the cards the prints go on are…

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Apr 08 2010

To nurture the TFA ethic

It is 2:09am and I very much want to go to bed, but also want to record as much of my Teach For America experience as possible, bad and good. So, the bad. Entirely my own fault bad. Before we get our placements (right now we know regions, we likely won’t know placements until summer),…

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Apr 06 2010

And so it begins

I never would have expected my college career to culminate in becoming a Teach For America corps member. My appreciation and gratitude to all the friends and family members that have supported my decision to do this is overwhelming. Although I seem to be getting caught off guard at the pre work already (finally caught…

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