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Apr 08 2010

To nurture the TFA ethic

It is 2:09am and I very much want to go to bed, but also want to record as much of my Teach For America experience as possible, bad and good.

So, the bad. Entirely my own fault bad. Before we get our placements (right now we know regions, we likely won’t know placements until summer), we have to take a placement survey. Before we take a placement survey, we have to participate in a placement conference call.

My conference call was on Monday at 8pm. I met with a professor, stayed at school until midnight, and at two am literally sat straight up from sleeping and frantically searched for my laptop. I had missed my call, and in fact forgotten all about it. Checked my email, of course already had a semi-scorning email (totally understandable) that provided a make up time. Today at 7pm, CST.

Today I rush home from class, get my notebook and pen ready, open up the powerpoint and literally watch my laptop clock for three minutes until it is time to call. I call in. Hold music. The Beatles serenade. And serenade. And serenade. I check the time. I am confused. I email the head of placement explaining my confusion, I leave.

Past midnight tonight: I arrive home to find an email explaining that the time was currently 6:10 CST. I was 55 minutes early. WHAT. I am absolutely baffled at how I managed to do this. I wrote “TFA CALL” as big as possible in my planner; I talked about the call all day. I missed the call. For the second time.

This is so frustrating to me personally, and serves as a lesson that when my students forget, mistake, or fail something I must have much compassion for them. They will likely feel like I do now.

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  1. Jessica in Kzoo

    C – I am so excited that you are starting this journey and look forward to reading about your accomplishments. Patience and understanding are hard to come by I am glad to hear you setting “real” expectations of your students. Good luck – ttys. – J

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  3. Cindy

    Caroline, you are going to be a great teacher . . . I so admire your dedication to this.

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