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Jun 04 2010

Last Minute Miracle

There are two school days left until I leave, physically leave, for training. Once I wrote that I did not think I could get the second observation, I gave up. Jill commented on that post, giving me names of Kalamazoo Public School employees that I can get in touch with, and today I was about to call them but first spoke to Loren about how nervous I was. He said he had a friend that teaches, he would call him first then call me back.

A few hours later I was on the phone with Adam, setting up a time for me to come watch him teach 8th graders at Kalamazoo Christian Middle School. I wanted to cry, I was so grateful and appreciative. Just from hearing him over the phone I could sense that he is engaging, active, and excited about teaching. Halfway through our conversation he said, “Well, the lesson will get pretty spiritual, is that okay?”

I giggled. That’s not only okay, but makes me more excited to go. I said “Of course! I bet I’ll learn something, too!”

Right now I’m at a Kalamazoo coffee shop that I walked to from my apartment. I am trying to really live in the moment, to savor every part of this city that I love so much. My neighborhood, my walks, my friends, my strangers. I’m feeling very sentimental about it. But I’m here to keep pushing through the pre-work, and completing it has my skin jumping because I am so excited to meet my classroom, to learn my kids’ names, to update this blog with all my concerns and triumphs. Even though I am emotionally worn down, burned out, and exhausted, I am so confident and excited.

I know I am so blessed to have this opportunity, to have all the incredible support and love that I do, and to be leading the life I have.

I also printed off many copies of a letter I wrote (Thank You Letter) and used campus mail to thank all the professors, advisors, and people that made an impact on me through college. I genuinely intend to invest as many people as I can in the success of my students. I want people to know my classroom, to know me, and to see my relationship with them as an opportunity to help those in need. Even things like commenting on this make such a huge impact on me, and will in turn make an impact on my students.

…anyway, back to work!

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  1. tmi

    Thanks for this post. I really needed it this morning.

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