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Jun 05 2010

Second Observation

Today I went to Kalamazoo Christian Middle School to watch Adam’s last 8th grade class of the year. I am so glad I went. Though religion and I do not have a very well defined relationship, I love spiritual experiences, lessons, morals and values. I love learning about religion and personal convictions, and am excited to maybe one day feel like I know I concretely belong in a church. For now, though, I soak up lessons and ask questions and pray as much as I can.

That being said, it was a spiritual lesson, about John 12 (look it up). I was absolutely impressed and excited by Adam’s lesson, both spiritually and educationally. His class respected him and thought about his teaching.

Talking with Adam, I found he is starting a Christ-centered school in the Edison neighborhood this fall, called Tree of Life. The Edison neighborhood is an impoverished community in Kalamazoo. I’m now on the mailing list and can’t wait to compare his experiences with my own, learn from his teaching, and keep him as a new resource and inspiration in my career.

Besides the observation, today has been exhausting and full. I am leaving Kalamazoo with a lot of scars and a lot of encouragement. Tomorrow I’ll be in my hometown (Novi, MI), then two days in Kalamazoo, then on the road!

Lastly, and also spiritually, Adam had Romans 12:3-5 on the back board and reflected upon it with his students. Now Romans 12 might be my favorite chapter in the Bible. I am slowly, very slowly, attempting to read the whole thing. Loren gave me an old, water damaged, perfect Bible months ago that has assignments to read the entire thing in a year. I like checking off the bits I read, rarely in order, three verses at a time.

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