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Jun 12 2010

when Induction is over, Institute comes.

Interview day and the last day of induction. I had two interviews, one for a k-6 elementary school in northern Mississippi whose total school population is about 270 kids & whose principal I immediately felt aligned with. Another for a 4-6 school where I would hypothetically teach technical writing to sixth graders on smart boards in a brand new building. Both were great interviews. Questions like: “Classroom management. How would you use it?” and “How would you use differentiation?” and “Tell me about yourself” and “What are four variables for a successful classroom”

Though I didn’t totally complete my pre-work yet, I’m incredibly glad I got through what reading I did because it helped with interviews a lot. Granted, I know the interview likely won’t lead to a placement at either of those schools, but I feel so much more comfortable with the idea of meeting my principal and fellow teachers after today. It was also very clear in both meetings that people really love Teach For America teachers here. At least from the administration side.

I’ve met my goal for the week, ran three times with Sally and here’s my second update. AND I had three specific conversations with people where I felt like the real deal, laying out how I feel and waiting for the stomping to commence, for my thoughts or feelings to be crushed, to be trampled. It didn’t happen. There are good people here, all of us still tentative with what we’re learning about each other and TFA overall, all still respectful. Tensions aren’t high yet, stress hasn’t been piled on yet…

Right now I feel so much confidence in where I am. I am in love with the Mississippi Delta. I am confident in my knowledge that “teaching is a TEACHABLE skill” and that I am personally capable of having a successful classroom. I genuinely enjoy my peers and know I will get to know them as family.

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  1. Cindy

    yippee! I love the “teaching is a teachable skill” – so very true!

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