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Jul 28 2010

Caroline in the Midwest

Sitting in oh-so-familiar Kalamazoo kitchen at Auntie’s house. Coffee in front of me, lunch plans 38 minutes away, stacks of teaching books looming in front of me. I drove back to The Midwest (heh) on Sunday, Brittany in the passenger seat, both of us screaming to Rihanna’s entire album. Twice. It was a glorious day…

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Jul 23 2010

Dumas likes me

Okay friends. I’m getting a bit more casual, because my life is getting a bit more casual. I finally had time to breathe (phew) after Institute. Orientation 1 was two days, both of which were finished by 5pm (!!) and both were super low key. Information put in front of us, room for questions, then…

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Jul 19 2010

Okay y’all…

Many things have changed. First, everything about Teach For Us (this platform) has had mondo changes. My side, your side, every side. This is very good, however I’ve yet to find the time to customize, customize, customize. It will happen eventually. Also, I realized while walking today that in the month I’ve been part of…

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Jul 15 2010


Because I have a lesson plan that must be finished in the next hour and thirty-one minutes that I have yet to begin, I will consolidate the past few days: 1) My computer had a semi-meltdown in which the keyboard and mouse refused to continue functioning. Wal-Mart (grimace) saved me, as I purchased a USB…

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Jul 11 2010

Hello, Dumas.

Today I met the next two years of my life. I drove with the other three CMs placed in Dumas: Ben, Brittany and Laura. It’s a little over two hours from Cleveland. For some reason I expect everything labeled a “small town” to be like Norway, South Carolina. This is a fallacy. Dumas is small…

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Jul 06 2010

Worst day of institute version 2.0

Today was a series of worst moments and almost-tears. This included a heavy heart carried over from weekend conversations, very poor management implementation during school, a disappointing observation, my computer pooping out for half an hour (hard drive crash? everything frozen after 5 re-starts??), and an overall defeatist attitude. I walked around campus moping, then…

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I wrote a long entry, it was lost. Summarized: I went to Jackson with four amazing girls I didn’t know well. Sarah, Sarah, Sally and Tootsie. One car, one night, Jackson. It made me want to live in a place surrounded by people. It was so uplifting, it was exactly what I needed. I miss…

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Jul 03 2010

Sickling makes it through the week.

Monday: Caroline wakes up thinking she must have clenched her teeth in her sleep, but realizes the (fairly intense) pain is actually deep in her ear. At school, she is observed by her CMA (Corps Member Advisor) and SD (School Director). Big deal. Her lesson is a miserable failure, she is eager for feedback. Gets…

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