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Jul 06 2010

Three day weekend means remembering real life.

I wrote a long entry, it was lost. Summarized:

I went to Jackson with four amazing girls I didn’t know well. Sarah, Sarah, Sally and Tootsie. One car, one night, Jackson. It made me want to live in a place surrounded by people. It was so uplifting, it was exactly what I needed. I miss having good friends, I miss having comfortable conversations, I miss the knowingness that you are safe and loved. I have it with them, now. :)

I borrowed books from Sarah and read books brother Christiaan sent. I talked on the phone halfway home and I feel more comfortable every day. I am growing into myself, I am walking, moving, changing. In the words of my student Destiny, “Woooo- weeee!” That is how I feel about me changing. Every day it is giant steps, giant leaps that will ideally sustain me for the next two years. Personally, professionally, spiritually, physically.

It is a fine line between knowing everything will work out, and doing everything you can to make everything work out. One must be careful to keep the balance. Tomorrow I will teach a roomful of fifth graders, tomorrow I will lesson plan, tomorrow I will grin and sing and be.

I would like to live by Romans 12:12. Look it up. PS July 4th pictures here.

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  1. PAPA

    Luv you hun….More than U will ever know…

  2. Auntie Sue

    Hope is what keeps us going in this real life. But where we’ve been, our memories, and our pictures are so [email protected]#%ing precious. Thanks for sharing yours. I finally saw the famous “new pup” one, and it caught me by surprise (actually it blindsided me). It was such a very REAL happy day and seeing it should have made me laugh like crazy. I think your papa had stopped at our house that evening just before he brought Paddy to his new home for the first time. He met Lexi and was actually smaller than she was at the time. She wasn’t afraid of him at all then. But your papa showed up here the other night with Paddy and Lexi wouldn’t go near him…too big. Hope you are getting more comfortable. I ADMIRE you so much for being so damned driven and thoughtful and beautiful.

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