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Jul 15 2010


Because I have a lesson plan that must be finished in the next hour and thirty-one minutes that I have yet to begin, I will consolidate the past few days:

1) My computer had a semi-meltdown in which the keyboard and mouse refused to continue functioning. Wal-Mart (grimace) saved me, as I purchased a USB keyboard and mouse and have been toting them around.
2) Behavioral management. Last week and the week before I was sick, miserable, and not exactly a good teacher. Here we are rated as Novice, Beginning Proficiency, Advanced Proficiency. I am a consistent “Novice Plus!” because I slack on details. It continues. This week, however, I seemed to have upped my ability and am closer to BP, but not quite there.
3) My interpersonal relationships are growing here. I find myself surrounded with beautiful Christian woman. Thanks, God! There are so many wonderful people here. I force myself to open up to friends and family, when I feel I need to cry I cry, and when I realize I am being destructive I stop. It sounds simple but it’s not.
4) Not sure if there is a four. I am still functioning, isn’t that enough?

I love my kids. Tomorrow is my last real day working with them. Friday’s a field trip. One student can’t go because of behavior, and when we tell him his heart is going to break. Instead of working on tracking grades and lesson planning tonight I had a drink with two ’09 Dumas people and Ben (fellow ’10 Dumas person). It was worth it. I got to see my CS (curriculum specialist) sing karaoke, calmed my nerves, and hung out with the people that will soon be my family.

Institute is over in two days. I cannot believe I have made it this far. I can. But I can’t. I never believed people when they said it was the hardest thing they have ever done but honestly, now I do.

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  1. Cindy

    4) Still caring for others, still opening yourself to new experiences and people, no matter hos frightening that is, still wanting to do more, better.

    More than enough . . . you set the standard high! Keep going, Caro!

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