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Jul 23 2010

Dumas likes me

Okay friends. I’m getting a bit more casual, because my life is getting a bit more casual.

I finally had time to breathe (phew) after Institute. Orientation 1 was two days, both of which were finished by 5pm (!!) and both were super low key. Information put in front of us, room for questions, then pushing us off into our respective host homes. I’m living with Mitch right now in a house in Dumas. Long story short, this is a four bedroom house that I was going to be the fourth roommate for but then decided not to be because Brittany was going to live here. Now Brittany & I can’t find housing so she’s commuting and I’m squatting. I guess that wasn’t long story short, it was long story long.

So I’ve been chillin, learning about Arkansas and Dumas. I am here for this wonderful event called Ding Dong Days that started today and run through Sunday. To give you an idea of how big time it is for the Dumasians, the insert in today’s paper about Ding Dong Days was thicker than the paper itself. Yep. Part of this festival is a 5k (people run in Arkansas! My life is complete!) that begins at 7:30am Saturday. I’m doing it. Followed by a  $5 pancake breakfast that Mitch got us free tickets to (thank you Mr. Martin from across the street and behind the landlord’s house!) Then all day festivities that include inflatable things, face paint, BBQ, pretty much as much block party stuff as you can image stuffed into one block of Court Street. No World’s Fair here, but I’m pumped I’ll be around for some of it.

Was intending to leave for home early Saturday, but because of this event am delaying until Sunday. I am so, so excited to go back to Michigan and see my family and friends before I really zero in on the school year. I’m proud of myself for finishing training, confident I will be just fine this school year, but know that this one more trip to Michigan will do me so much good.

Since being in Dumas, I’ve: visited the 100% employee-owned grocery store called the Mad Butcher (they sell morning star!! I really can make it in Arkansas!), visited the library & got a card (checked out The Giver, Number the Stars, Watsons Go to Birmingham, and two others), had two nightmares and one night of good sleep, and went running every day except today, when I walked just over two miles in the 95 degree heat. Good enough for me.

Tomorrow is running, unpacking the rest of my car, meeting number two with the principal to get all my curriculum info, and buckling down to write my long term plan (aka plotting out my entire year). Things are calming down and moving forward (finally).

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  1. Cindy

    Huzzah to forward motion . . . while you enjoy the great lakes, think of me sweating in the 100 degree portion of the summer.

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