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Aug 30 2010

New Home. Again.

In the past four months, literally, the longest amount of time I spent sleeping in the same bed was about 5 weeks, and it was a in a dorm room. I thought THE PALACE was my golden place for the next two years, but fate said nuh-uh. I am freshly moved back into the Bowles…

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Aug 27 2010

If you’re wondering

how my life is, it is good. Thank God daily for existence, for the miracle that is 130 sixth grade students. I feel shocked and honored and quiet about how much I truly enjoy teaching. I am a terrible, terrible planner; I do many things over and over incorrectly; my students are not perfect; I…

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Aug 22 2010

Me, I’m growin’ like a tree…

Let me tell you, being an adult is difficult. There are so many wonderful things in my life right now. I keep telling people how absolutely positive I am that I belong here. My gut every day reminds me that no matter how emotionally obliterated I am, my position in life, in the world, in…

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Aug 19 2010


I have not been able to sleep past 6:30am in the past week. I can go to bed at 11 or 2, and still will wake up at 6:27 or 6:32, long before my 7:14 alarm. If you know me even a little bit, you realize that this is an insane phenomenon. I am known…

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Aug 13 2010

Ms. Lampinen

First, it is 100 degrees outside and I am freezing. It is hot enough that if I am outside for (no joke) longer than 4 minutes I have sweat pooled in the small of my back. I am not a big sweater, but people aren’t kidding when they talk about Delta humidity. I’m freezing because…

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Aug 09 2010


Some details about my life, currently. Orientation 2 was Thursday and Friday of last week. We spent the two days sitting in KIPP (look it up) classrooms, learning how to plan better. It was nice to be back in the company of Teach For America teachers– asking excellent questions, giving advice, sharing what they know.…

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Aug 03 2010

Welcome Home

Home, I am in it. The town, at least. Brittany and I, through the grace of my principal and Dumas networking, have a house. It’s a three bedroom ranch on a dead-end street that will from now on only be referred to as THE PALACE. I will move into THE PALACE on Friday, and will…

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