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Aug 03 2010

Welcome Home

Home, I am in it. The town, at least. Brittany and I, through the grace of my principal and Dumas networking, have a house. It’s a three bedroom ranch on a dead-end street that will from now on only be referred to as THE PALACE. I will move into THE PALACE on Friday, and will promptly pee my pants with glee.

Every time Brittany and I talk about THE PALACE we start screaming. We are thoroughly excited. Today I stepped inside for the first time: new carpet in two bedrooms, pretty tile in the kitchen, fake wood in the third bedroom, fresh paint everywhere, gaping hole in front of house siding fixed, and landlord grinning. Happy am I! Cannot cannot wait to unload my car for the final time.

And where, where is this palace you ask? (Hint: HERE COMES MY ADDRESS FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS)

105 Edwards, Dumas AR, 71639

So start mailing me things. Right now. If you need ideas, I will give you one. During my trip to Michigan, I bought a new phone and a new computer. I abandoned my past life as an apple snob and have joined the ranks of Compaq Presarios and Windows Media Player. Hm. In the past three months I lost my external harddrive (goodbye, five years of school work and all music I’ve ever owned). This does not make me as sad as it might in another year, just makes me have an empty music library. So, what I’m getting at, is if you need to know what to mail: mail music. Ideal situation would be mp3 CDs (my car plays em!) But anything else would make me cry tears of happiness, as well.

Photos of classwork, life, and the Delta are on their way.

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  1. Cindy

    Huge Tube-o-goodies labeled for shipping tomorrow! More to come – music? I have thousands of cds . . . old, weird, and from Texas mostly. I’ll see what I can come up with for you . . . can’t wait to see photos of THE PALACE!!!!

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