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Aug 19 2010


I have not been able to sleep past 6:30am in the past week. I can go to bed at 11 or 2, and still will wake up at 6:27 or 6:32, long before my 7:14 alarm. If you know me even a little bit, you realize that this is an insane phenomenon. I am known for being a very talented sleeper, 16 hours is not a rarity for me. Until I moved to Arkansas…

It’s kind of nice, really. Today I managed to go for two runs. One at 6:45 because I was so anxious about my day, and another at 9:45pm with Nicholle because by then we were both so anxious.

I spent my morning driving an hour to Pine Bluff to apply for a new social security card. If you’ve been reading this blog, you realize this is the FOURTH TIME I’ve been to a social security office in the Delta. Having or not having my passport was always a huge issue, so today when I applied and she only asked for my driver’s license I was moderately unhappy, but got over it.

Then Wal-Mart, the school, then meeting with PD Kate, then school, then more school, then running, now finishing up things for school.

Yesterday was open house. I met about half of my homeroom class and some others. It re-lit the fire! Which was almost a surprise. I thought meeting my students would make me more anxious, but it calmed me down and got me excited again. Tomorrow will be very very different than anything I have ever done in my entire life, but this is a good thing! This is a wonderful thing! Pre-teens, be taught! Learn to write! I just hope my students that only speak Spanish don’t get too overwhelmed.

Back to the powerpoint…

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  1. : )

  2. There are a lot of strategies for ELL kids you can use… basically, it usually amounts to finding different ways to teach vocabulary – like Frayer models (, using pictures, and activities… usually this applies to all students, anyway. You’ll be surprised how good ELL kids are and (usually) how hard they work.

    Here are some good resources:

    I’m obviously doing a lot more looking into this now that my school year is about a week away here in Taiwan.

  3. Sally Korth

    Hmmm 4th time at social security office, that must be the Korth in you!
    I can’t wait to read about how your day went to day. I must say that it is truly amazing that you are waking up and GETTING up so early in the morning. Must be you are super excited and a little tiny bit anxious about each new day.
    I love you sweet car car. Love, Auntie

  4. Cindy

    School started today! OMG! Hope you weren’t overwhelmed and that you had at least one aha moment.

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