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Aug 30 2010

New Home. Again.

In the past four months, literally, the longest amount of time I spent sleeping in the same bed was about 5 weeks, and it was a in a dorm room. I thought THE PALACE was my golden place for the next two years, but fate said nuh-uh.

I am freshly moved back into the Bowles House, which is where I stayed for about two weeks while Brittany and I were house searching. Now Brittany is back in Monticello, living with relatives, and I’m living in the fourth bedroom of this house. Me, Mitch, Ben, and Laura. All TFA teachers, Mitch is the only second year.

At THE PALACE today I finally saw one of the mice Brittany was talking about. I saw him scurry down the hallway, cute as can be. Then I heard lots of violent squeaking and found him stuck to a mice trap in the gap of our cabinets where a dishwasher is supposed to be. He was trying to go home, I guess. It was so sad. I put him on the patio, hoping the rain would loosen the stickiness and he would run back to his field, but eventually he was dead. Eyes wide.

The boys helped me move everything lickety-split from one house to the other. A huge blessing, huge. I managed to set up most of my room today, even have things hanging on the walls! I think it was worth setting my students aside for a few hours to make sure I have a comfortable place to come back to. On my last trip from THE PALACE here, I noticed a frog squished pancake-like four inches behind my driver’s side tire. Sigh. THE PALACE makes me kill things, I guess. When I saw the frog I knew I was supposed to be leaving.


501 E. Bowles St. Dumas AR 71639

Very seriously, please please please send mail. It makes my days so nice. Thanks to Valerie, Jay, and Shoshana for recent surprises. :)

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  1. Auntie Sue

    Haven’t read up on you lately and now that I have, I am wanting more…You write beautifully, and your voice is powerfully emotional. Moving is a pain. Hopefully you will remain in one place for the duration of your tenure. My last two weeks have been crazy, too. I also am moving–years of accumulated teaching stuff from one classroom to another and feel as if I am moving from one home to another! Some things about teaching test the old-timers, like me, but it has always been a noble profession, and I do love it. I know you will, too. I am so proud of you that you keep going–that you are creating your future and that you are running. Love to you…

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