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Sep 30 2010

This isn’t really about teaching.

My biggest predicament right now is my down comforter. One day last week when I was feeling particularly unenthusiastic and lethargic I managed to sleep for seven hours on a school night (unheard of). I woke up with four very specific incredibly painful knots in my back. I spent all day rethinking my tiny cot-like…

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Sep 24 2010

Fight for survival stops.

The field trip is tomorrow, and despite having taught for one month I feel I am so behind, perpetually behind. I love that fellow Dumasian and TFA teacher┬áSarah constantly asks, “Caroline, have you updated your blog?” when we are working together. Searching for an excuse to not do work for five minutes. I like it…

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Sep 18 2010


Here I sit, at Ray’s Barbeque in Monticello. We have found a place with wi-fi, within an hour, that is suitable for working on a Saturday afternoon. Half of my outfit is from Wal-Mart: Miley Cyrus fake-jean button down shirt, children’s size four generic black tennis shoes, gold grandpa-style Timex. I’m listening to Michael Jackson.…

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Sep 12 2010

And surprises, they come.

I still live in the Delta. (Surprise!) I remembered while driving to Monticello, experiencing the need for brights on cars. Where I grew up and went to school, there wasn’t a huge need for brights. Arkansas nighttime highways are quite dangerous without them. I have been sick the past few days. I feel I am…

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Sep 05 2010

The Notorious Word: Balance

Teach For America does an excellent job of piling and piling and piling things into your planner, teacher bag, pockets, car, house, back… Every moment in your day can be shadowed by what you need to do, what you should do, what you have to do, what you want to do. Then they smile at…

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