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Sep 30 2010

This isn’t really about teaching.

My biggest predicament right now is my down comforter. One day last week when I was feeling particularly unenthusiastic and lethargic I managed to sleep for seven hours on a school night (unheard of). I woke up with four very specific incredibly painful knots in my back. I spent all day rethinking my tiny cot-like IKEA bed, how ridiculous it is for a grown up with a real job to be sleeping on this miniature thing every night for multiple years.

(Which, sidenote, reminds me of my favorite quote from roommate Ben: “Caroline, everything you own is miniature. Except your candy.”)

My solution, though, was getting out my down comfortor, not allowing myself to sleep with my hands over my head (like I normally do: belly down, hands above my head), and putting my head on the opposite side of the bed.

Can you tell I’m procrasinating?

This week is definitely an improvement from last. Every week is. This week is also the first of five full weeks we teach in a row. Once they’re over the bulk of the SEMESTER will be over. That is INSANE. I don’t even want it to happen, because then where will I be? Where will my students be? I’m so nervous.

BUT at the end of the five weeks is me taking half a day off and flying to NYC to visit family and friends. Seeing my sister and brother is going to be so amazing and relieving. It’s the light for my tunnel right now.

That and the fact that tomorrow is celebrity day and today a student asked if we can save some time for “talent”. Yes, yes we can.

The reason my comfortor is a problem, is I love the weight when I sleep under. But I wake up soaked, absolutely, in sweat. The delta just isn’t a cold place right now. But my blanket is so COMFORTing (get it? comforter? comforting?)

K, back to lesson planning.

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  1. Cindy

    perhaps shopping for a lighter weight comforter? I have one I use year round (I admit lots of the hottest months I sleep on top of it) that has the fluff, and some substance to it, but it isn’t nearly as heavy as what you would have needed for the Zoo or even Novi . . . Michigan is COLD!

    PS . . . talent on celebrity day? Hurray!!!

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