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Oct 18 2010

Since you brought it up.

One of the teachers recently asked me if I’m homesick. But she asked it as a statement, “Oh, you must be so homesick.” And I answered yes without a lot of explanation. I am homesick, but for things that don’t exist anymore– so I guess it’s more nostalia than anything else. I am homesick for…

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Oct 14 2010

Got to admit it’s getting better…

I could be working, but instead will post the entry I wrote in my notebook while my kids were taking their Arkansas field test yesterday. It’s a testimony of love for 117 babies. Oh, and before that, I’m talleying up votes right now, because my kids get to use their class points on Friday (we…

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Oct 10 2010


Slowly, it accumulates. Even though I slept for ten hours on Friday night, I feel as if I have been running and running. Ironically, the feeling makes me want to go running, because that has been my primary┬ámethod of tackling all mental blocks: frustration, depression, loneliness, apathy. I run, and run, and run. It’s a…

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Oct 04 2010

Beginning week 8.

There is a pretty distinct feeling of settling. There were a few weeks of mania, where I could not sleep past 5:30 even if I tried. Then there were two weeks of lethargy and apathy, when I did what I could to get by and slept for the rest of the time. Now I’m back…

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