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Nov 23 2010

On the other side-

I love the amount of times that my last post has already been referenced in real life. It’s nice to know people read. I feel it right that I balance the last post with anecdotes from the other side of the fence. Living in Arkansas means the landscape (pause), the landscape. The landscape. Every day…

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Nov 20 2010

Brush it off.

I consider today a good day, after a good week. Monday my students left, I shut the door, and within 120 seconds I was sobbing. Enough to not leave the room for 20 minutes, and then just to say hi to Sarah and get in the car. I watched videos of teachers, and observed teachers,…

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I had decided to hate the word from the first time I heard it in the TFA-context. Rejuvenation. It sounds like a cruel joke, and I didn’t want to be too let down when it didn’t happen to me. I could have scoffed, as if anyone can be rejuvenated after days like this, weeks like…

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Nov 03 2010

Student Said.

I have three drafts of updates from the past two weeks– both abandoned because I didn’t like the direction they took, I was too tired or apathetic to make sense, I couldn’t put the energy I wanted to in. I will update briefly: last week was very difficult to get through, but I got through.…

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