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Dec 02 2010

I just must take a moment

To thank God, and I mean very literally To Thank God, for my existence on this earth and for giving me peace of mind today. And to thank all the people that have been praying for me, with or without my knowledge. Thank you.

I don’t want to say I struggle, but my faith is not easily labeled as this or that. I do believe in something (agnostic? are you muttering that at your computer? hmph.), and that something took care of me today. Yesterday roommate Laura and I made a pact that we can never say the word “Quit” again, after saying it countless times in mere hours. We both ended our days in tears, for different reasons, and both had turn-arounds today. Thank God.

My Thanksgiving break is over, and I’m thankful for that as well. My father was hospitalized on Thanksgiving day in Michigan (and I think will be released today), I could not muster the motivation or confidence to do even the slightest bit of planning (but grading! I graded stacks and stacks!), and I cried a lot. I say this for the sake of honesty and accuracy, not pity my friends! Not pity, because I also had the wonderful experience of sharing not one but two Thanksgivings with new friends in the Delta.

Ms. Reading Teacher invited me over the first day of break to jump on her trampoline with her daughter, discuss life and love and students, and be a new place, new environment, new real friend to spend time with. I love her, absolutely love her and all she has done for me this year. Ms. Librarian invited me last minute to Thanksgiving number one, which was complete with a living room containing no less than eight mounted deer heads. I seriously love the delta. Thanksgiving number two was with Ms. Science Teacher and was so, so well timed and soothing. The peace and comfort I felt with that family made me feel like I was back in Michigan with people I knew well. (Thank you!!)

The days move forward. I can’t help but count down the teaching days until Christmas Break (12! That’s nothing!), when Auntie is flying to Little Rock so we can drive back to Michigan together. Every day my heart skips skips skips to know that soon I will be with my family, friends, in the freezing snow-filled mitten state. Thank you, world, universe, God, Delta, everything, for watching me and cradling me as I endure, endure, endure.

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  1. Cindy

    endure endure endure some more – it’s life, welcome to it! And merry Christmas, Caro – your box is still here, because this is not a time for me to run errands.

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