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Jan 29 2011

Can barely speak.

It’s partially (largely) from the three cups of coffee I had at brunch this morning (I haven’t had that much coffee in quite a while, cut waaay back post-Christmas), but I am shaking and happy. Sitting at the cafe we’ve frequented all year, I’m loving Little Rock. Loving that it’s 60 degrees and January outside.…

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Ran four miles today, and I think my body was surprised. Came home to sleep for maybe an hour and a half. Now it’s 8:36 and I don’t have a lesson. I’m a bit clouded by nostalgia and some lingering sleep-feelings and self-sustained laziness. Today my PD observed my highest achieving class– they did so…

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Jan 17 2011


The past few days, or weeks, have been. Surreal. It’s not fair for me to keep using that word, because I have developed too many meanings for it. In the beginning of the school year, surreal meant I — I want to type had no concept of reality but that still applies to everything, too.…

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Jan 10 2011


I am thinking of Sarah, tilting her head and pursing lips, saying, “I can’t describe it. I really can’t. It just gets… better.” and yes, Sarah, you are right. On Monday I was homesick. I wanted to call my sister, who was unreachable in India. Wanted to be sharing couches with friends and conversation with…

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Jan 09 2011

Teacher Wishlist

Growing up in a public school, even in a upper-middle class district, I remember constantly hearing teachers say how they bought us things out of pocket. It goes without saying that 10% of your salary goes right back into your classroom… This year I have invested in notebooks for every student, tons of pens and…

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Jan 04 2011

The Great Return

I am thinking about how today was what some call “the second first day of school,” the first day back after Christmas, and how I will only have one more “second first day of school” before my teaching commitment is over. I don’t know if that makes me feel guilty or like a wimp or…

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