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So I’m in my classroom,  sitting on my huge teacher’s desk and using my Smartboard as a monitor. It’s pretty entertaining. I’m relaxed, because yesterday I came home from school, slept for three hours, planned for three hours, then slept for six more. Funny how that seems like I slept for eternity, but really it…

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Feb 21 2011

President’s Day.

Man, I’m glad we have presidents. Yeah? This weekend was quality. All these weekends have been so surprising, in how good they are. It’s frightening. It’s the weather. It’s spring and feeling established and anxiety that’s just enough to make you uncomfortable, not enough to steal your sleep and your sanity and your faith that…

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Feb 15 2011

I am not good at reviewing.

My students have a TLI test this Thursday, moved from Wednesday because we had four and a half snow days, and one added day is going to help them be excellent. I feel like I’m failing my kids, still. I know what kinds of questions will be on the test. I know which ones they…

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Feb 04 2011

Why I Teach For America

I had hoped that I could post something like this, eventually, that I would find a time to start straightening out my heart. The mental picture I have of that organ in my chest is one of a paper towel that was soaking wet with… something, maybe something with grit, twisted all together, then left…

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Feb 03 2011

Friday Freewrite: Ms. L’s Swagg

My students do a Do Now for the first five minutes of class, every class. The past few weeks I’ve had Friday Freewrite, where they write 5-10 minutes about anything they want. Single requirement: keep your pen moving. This is a student who is super quiet in class: I love Fridays.  Ms. L starts it…

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