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Feb 03 2011

Friday Freewrite: Ms. L’s Swagg

My students do a Do Now for the first five minutes of class, every class. The past few weeks I’ve had Friday Freewrite, where they write 5-10 minutes about anything they want. Single requirement: keep your pen moving. This is a student who is super quiet in class:

I love Fridays. ┬áMs. L starts it good shakes hand get us ready for game, and help us get work and stuff for class I just love how she be’s excited to see us and always give us comments and her swagg is so hot that she’s on fire people talk about her cloths I like her cloths. In people talk abotu her she don’t care she just come back even harder. with a new swagg. In when she do they don’t say anything else because she looks so great, and she’s a wonderful teacher.

They say They don’t like her and K or me around they be acting nice to her beacuse we already told them only reason they don’t like her is because she has a good swagg and she likes to be exciting instead of boring. When she see were bored she will do her happy dance for us in wake us up. and make us laugh. my honest opinion is that she’s a great teacher. In just wants to excites us. “ROCK ON MS. L!”

When you are frustrated just keep pushin on you’ll make it.

4 Responses

  1. Meggie G

    This is so great! Too funny

  2. Keep showing off that swagg. Do you know what that means exactly? Maybe I’ll check Urban Dictionary . . .

  3. Julianna

    Yes. I do a happy dance too. Vital. Keep it up. You’re fabulous. :)

  4. briana

    What an awesome note from one of your students. Something to look at on days when you’re feeling frustrated or just need a reason to smile.

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