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Feb 21 2011

President’s Day.

Man, I’m glad we have presidents. Yeah?

This weekend was quality. All these weekends have been so surprising, in how good they are. It’s frightening. It’s the weather. It’s spring and feeling established and anxiety that’s just enough to make you uncomfortable, not enough to steal your sleep and your sanity and your faith that the world is an okay place to be.

The relationships I’m building here are growing stronger and stronger. This weekend it was Laura, Leaf and “Care” out in Little Rock. Eliese is the only person in my life to have called me Care, and I like it very much. We worked at Boulevard Bread, then at Starbucks, from noon until 9pm. From there we went to White Water Tavern, a bar I have been telling them we need to go to for MONTHS. MONTHS, I TELL YOU.

How was it?


We first met Sanford, who must be past 80 and who, when we were on the patio for a good 10 minutes, came out, “You about ready for another?” He said, over and over, that we do God’s work, bless our hearts, that he could never do what we do. He told me his dad left him and his mom when he was three, told me his mom’s from Wisconsin, told me he goes to that bar four nights a week.

Then we met two Americorps volunteers that are working at the Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. It was so, so nice to find strangers that are in our age group, that share similar cares about “helping the world”, that are not part of Teach For America. I love my teachers, but these guys were a nice breath of fresh air.

I start narrative writing tomorrow, without a unit plan. Fail. I thought I could be all set by today, that everything would be worked out. But a trip to little rock and new furniture have been occupying my weekend! Ms. Reading Teacher got married, so she gave us her adorable kitchen table and her bed. I have finally upgraded from my wonderful but smaller-than-cot-sized IKEA bed to a queen sized big girl bed. NOW will you come visit me in Arkansas?

Also, it’s February and 75 degrees outside most days. This is what weather in Michigan is like IN JUNE. ON MY BIRTHDAY. I am floored. I am ecstatic. I new I moved to the Delta for a reason.

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  1. Shoshana

    Did you have a 3 day weekend for President’s day? We have a Monday of next week for ‘Peace Day’. Yeah. Totally sweet!

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be praying for your narrative writing :)

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