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Mar 27 2011

You smile, I smile.

I think I’m just going to title all of my posts with references to Justin Beiber. I’m also going to stop pointing out when I do so, and everyone can just guess and google-check to see how brainwashed with 6th grade pop culture I’ve become. It is the last early evening of spring break. It’s…

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Mar 20 2011


It is spring break. Do you understand the magnitude of that statement? It is 80 degrees outside in Dumas, Arkansas. I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt that I stole from Caitlin in the 9th grade, paper thin, from Mackinac Island, MI. My face is tan, because Friday I spent the entire day outside with…

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I don’t need to preface this, I don’t think, besides stating that the prompt is to write about “an unusual day.” “Oh my gosh! It is Justin Beiber!” He is over at McDonald’s with Ms. L. She is a teacher that goes to Reed Elementary School with me. He was pretending that McDonald’s was an…

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Mar 08 2011

To be a better human.

Spring is a time for reinvention and renewal. The things that have been lingering in my head are e.e. cummings and Justin Beiber. Don’t criticize me. Something (another thing) I love about Teach For America is the value of Continuously Increasing Effectiveness. All of the values (see them here) are intertwined and play off each…

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Mar 06 2011

Sunday night shakes.

Alright, Sunday night. Little Rock Starbucks. I will give myself nine minutes to attempt to not feel like I do anymore. I just took Alexis to the airport. She was here for three days and I was the same person I used to be. It was strange and amazing. We went to the birthplace of…

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