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Mar 14 2011

And I was like, “Baby, baby, baby, ooooh!”

I don’t need to preface this, I don’t think, besides stating that the prompt is to write about “an unusual day.”

“Oh my gosh! It is Justin Beiber!” He is over at McDonald’s with Ms. L. She is a teacher that goes to Reed Elementary School with me. He was pretending that McDonald’s was an usual place for a pop star like him to be. He is in for a rude awakening.

What happens first is crazy. Justin Beiber, Ms. L, and I are all at McDonald’s. Justin goes in the bathroom to wash his hands, and we follow. Little did we know, we all fell into a black magic portal. We are all flabbergasted.

We all calm down and begin looking for the door. The door disappeared! We all take off in a mad search for the missing door. We run into the evil giant gumdrop. He tells us about him having the door and the only way we could have it is if we got it out of his stomach.

We were so mad because we could have been stuck in this black portal. We began to throw arrows at him. He calls and we begin to eat him. He dies of a horrible, painful death. We find the door and stick it in the air of the emptiness. We celebrate by singing one of his songs.

Eventually, we are all friends. We get out of that horrible hole of doom. We finally get our food at McDonald’s, and we never return. We keep in touch, and eventually Justin Beiber and I get married. We live happily ever after.

I love my job.

4 Responses

  1. G

    Pretty imaginative for an elementary school student!!

  2. Wess

    Tell you what! My favorite: “He calls and we begin to eat him.” … what does that MEAN?

  3. Shoshana

    “we are all flabbergasted”
    yeah, I would be too.. haha

  4. Cindy

    We find the door and stick it in the air of emptiness . . . yeah, I’ve had that day too!

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