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Mar 27 2011

You smile, I smile.

I think I’m just going to title all of my posts with references to Justin Beiber. I’m also going to stop pointing out when I do so, and everyone can just guess and google-check to see how brainwashed with 6th grade pop culture I’ve become.

It is the last early evening of spring break. It’s freezing outside. After a week in rainy kind-of-cold Portland, I thought I’d come back to what I left: 80 degree Arkansas. Wrong! When I stepped out of the automatic airport doors, my chunky sweater and new cowboy boots were perfectly appropriate for the weather here. Semi-win, I guess. (The boots were a super-win, and I find it semi-hysterical that I bought cowboy boots in Portland when I live in Arkansas. Whatever. Better thrifting there.)

Now it’s just about 5pm. I have no plan for class tomorrow (that’s a lie, I have a semi-plan in my head to review the cold prompt essays we wrote on Thursday and grade them as a class, I just have to figure out which sample essays to pull and maybe scan them). If I don’t upload my third period’s preposition song to youtube tonight I will be eaten tomorrow. I already recieved a text message and voicemail about it, so that’s a must for tonight, along with finishing grading all those essays from Thursday (I’m 2/5ths done), and… finishing my classroom!

What? Ms. L, you moved in back in September, right? Your classroom is finished. WHOOOOT, NO, dear reader, my classroom moved while I was enjoying Portland. I am currently sitting in a brand new beautiful (clean!! CLEAN!!) room, WITH A FULLY FUNCTIONING SMARTBOARD. I’ve had a few questions about this, so the following will be a SMARTboard aside. If you understand them, feel free to skip:

A SMARTboard is a projector with a screen on the wall, that connects my computer. Thus, I can go online, show presentations, videos, play music, etc. They come in different models and sizes, mine looks like this (and I kind of look like that teacher, too, weird). I can draw on said board with special markers– word documents, powerpoints, websites, anything, and save it if I want to (though saving is a hassle and I hate the program it saves to). Basically, once you have one, you kind of forget how to/hate teaching without one. We’re incredibly lucky/fortunate to have them in my school– especially because I know tons (the majority?) of TFA teachers don’t have this kind of technology. My kids love it, too. It boosts engagement and interactivity (they’ll do anything to just ERASE the board!)

So with the big move, I expected my SMARTboard to be out of commission for, you know, the rest of the year. But when I came in today I was shocked that after some tinkering it works. THANK YOU, AMAZING TECH PEOPLE OF MY DISTRICT. And in the midst of covering my bulletin boards and windows with butcher paper (no outside distractions, please), I had to hesitate to see if the internet works as well and clearly it does.

Coming back from spring break is incomparably better than coming back from winter break. Thank you, thank you, thank you universe. Life is good.

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  1. rplate

    How do you like your Smartboard?! I have a love/hate relationship with mine :-)

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