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I woke up two hours ago to a dark, empty house. It’s Friday (or was at the time), and it was my suggestion to get the sleeping pill in a pitcher after school, which we all did. I was home at five, and must have been asleep by 5:15, because I didn’t get the missed…

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Apr 29 2011

vaccines are a legal matter

In recent days I’ve made the biggest administrative mistake of my teaching career. It’s more embarrassing than awful. To enter the seventh grade, my students have to get a Tdap vaccine. The health department offered to come to the school to give them out. They are free. We gave out forms (which a sub gave…

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Apr 23 2011


I hate feeling paralyzed from cliches. I am living eight hundred cliches at any given point. My heart is singing. I’ve found a groove. I am excited for life. My ability to write does not parallel the speed and complexity and enthusiasm of thought. Last night Eliese was invited, and I was invited by default,…

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Apr 21 2011

Three stories.

There are so many things I need to write, but the lack of organization in my head keeps me at a pause. A few anecdotes shall suffice: For the Ladies Second period. One of my girls says, “MizzlampnenIreallygottauseit” “Take your seat.” “I really gotta.” Female. “Fine. Go. You have three minutes.” She returns within three minutes,…

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Apr 12 2011

Music and contentment.

There is a competition in the universe called IBLA. What the letters stand for even the website will not tell you. Within it, hundreds of incredibly talented musicians compete to win the “grand prize”, which is awarded to a handful. From those, a smaller handful (five) are selected to go on an international tour, playing…

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*Title found only as I sit and listen to JB after school Monday, while perusing Wess‘s blog. I am quietly sitting in the living room. Wedding Crashers just finished, even though I was intending to sleep before that could happen. I sit surrounded by the papers I just graded. I finished stickering for the 6th…

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