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May 26 2011

Student Essays

FOURTH PERIOD 1. I would have to say that the most memorable time I’ve ever had in language class was when Ms. Lampinen vibrantly talked about how much she was going to miss us. I sat and watched joylessly. How could she be so happy about missing us? I thought. Ms. Lampinen has always been…

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May 23 2011

Last Monday.

This was an excellent day. I woke up at 5am to plan my last real “lesson” of sixth grade. For some classes, it included a 20-minute description of the “Survivor” game I participated in on Saturday with some other TFA-ers. Telling the story to fifth period was the best: perfect suspense, perfect responses from them…

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INCONSISTENCY. OH-EM-GEE. Consistent is an ambiguous word, especially when it comes to teaching. Consistency, contrary to what you might expect, does NOT mean giving every child the same consequence for the same behavior. It is all about context and intention. If a student intentionally launches a pencil off his desk in the middle of a…

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May 04 2011

It feels like we’ve been out at sea.

C’R is a student in my fifth period class. He is a skinny African American boy with big eyes and an adorable smile. He walked into my class with no backpack, pencil in his pocket, today. We were revising the essays that every other period turned in yesterday, because fifth period is two days behind…

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May 02 2011

Quiz Question #5

5. How much does Ms. L love you and your entire class? Lots and lots we are her honey bunches of oats She is a helping and loves seeing smiles Sometime a lot… sometime very little A hold lot “Alot! AND VERY MUCH”! very, very, very, very much 50 50 (I marked this one wrong)…

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