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May 26 2011

Student Essays



I would have to say that the most memorable time I’ve ever had in language class was when Ms. Lampinen vibrantly talked about how much she was going to miss us. I sat and watched joylessly. How could she be so happy about missing us? I thought.

Ms. Lampinen has always been the kind of person who is vibrantly happy. She never has a dull moment. Even when she is talking about missing someone as much as she’s going to miss me, she would never show any cold-hearted glory.

I sat there thinking about what a special moment it was. She kept going on and on about the joy she would lose. As I thought more and more about why she would be so happy on a dark subject, such as this one. “There is no reason to be happy!” I said to a friend in a quiet but determined voice.

After that we sat in the class quietly. Then it hit me! I kenw why she pranced and danced about me moving on! “She is happy for all of us!” I told Lauren. It took Lauren a minute to catch up on what I was dishing out. “Oh my goodness!” she replied. I couldn’t believe how long I sat in that back desk on row four wondering.

After class had ended, I took a little road trip over to Ms. Lampinen’s desk. As I said, “I’ll miss you the most!” she hugged me. I had wasted so many minutes of my life trying to figure out something that was in plain sight! It is funny what life throws at you!


Do you have any memorable moments from language class this year? You should, for my memorable thing is having Ms. Lampinen as a teacher! She’s funny and fun. Even though she gets us right sometimes, she’s still nice. Plus when I fall she’s always there to pick me up. So I must remember one things she’s done for me.

Now Ms. Lampinen I know we have had some falling outs. But your very nice and funny. You can make up songs and we can sing them because, all through the year that’s what we been doing. Good things will always set you free. Ms. Lampinen is 1 good thing.

When I first met Ms. Lampinen I thought she wouldn’t be stricked. But, she is, I know why though not at least. The reason is she wants us to do something with our life like she did. You know she loves us because who would take their time to worry about my bad self? No one but Ms. Lampinen. Not even my father!

Last but not least, she catches me when I fall. I’ll never have someone like Ms. Lampinen, except 2 people I had all my life (Can’t say name at school). Ms. Lampinen I’ll just say, “I liked your class, I’ll miss you a lot but all I know is your my fever pot.

See now, if I ever tell the truth again just remember this story, for it won’t change no matter what comes my way. I love you for ever. Always love me. I like you for you’re funny, you don’t play, and you catch my when I fall. Now that’s good enough for me!


I’ve had many special, glorious fantastic moments in language class. The most special moments I have had in Language class are doing the Word of the Day, talking about the Dalai Lama, also playing Jeopardy. These are the most special moments in language class.

One special moment I’ve had in Language class is doing the WotD presentation. What made this moment so special is that everyone in the class supported each other and no one had a negative comment. This was different from the other classes because the other classes didn’t support neither encouraged each other.

Another glorious moment I have had in Ms. Lampinen’s class is talking about the Dalai Lama. To me this was the interesting thing we’ve talked about in class. This moment was special and fantastic to me because Ms. Lampinen said, “This class participated more than the other classes.” (That was special to me!) This is the memorable thing that I’ll remember from Ms. Lampinen’s language class.

My last special moment in Language class is playing Jeopardy with the class. This moment was special because no one got into a disagreement or argument. Also everyone was getting along. And when the other team wins, the losing teams still supports them. This makes everyone happy.

Did you like my memorable essay? Because I think so! These are all of my glorious, grand, fantastic, eceptional moments. The WotD presentation which was terrific. Talking about the Dalai Lama. And playing Jeopardy with the class.


Sixth grade language was absolutely amazing because of a special teacher Ms. Lampinen. Because of her, fourth period was different than the other periods. Ms. Lampinen is enthusiastic, memorable, and believes in all sixth grade students.

One reason I will remember Ms. Lampinen is because she is enthusiastic. She is always energetic. She loves to play, but not when it comes to cold prompts. Sometimes if we do aewsome on a TLI or prompt we’re rewarded. If you are having a horrible day, maybe language will cheer you up. That’s what she says.

Another reason is that Ms. lampinen is memorable you don’t meet anyone like her every day. She isn’t an ordinary citizen you would meet in public places. she is fun, hyper, and has a lot of ambition. That is why I’ll never forget her.

Finally, Ms. Lampinen believes in all sixth grade students! All teachers, especially Ms. Lampinen, believe that we can achieve our goals. She encourages us to do our best in language. Ms. Lampinen is one of the best teachers I have.

In conclusion, sixth grade language was unlike any other because of this special person. I will never forget her, and will always know that I have a special teacher. She is just one of the teachers that have a strong conviction in us! Thank you Ms. Lampinen!

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  1. Auntie Sue

    These essays from your kids do make everything you do SO worthwhile. And of course, they love you! I do too….

  2. “You know she loves us because who would take their time to worry about my bad self? No one but Ms. Lampinen. Not even my father!”

    ^This! So perfect. What a great way to end the year.

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