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Jul 01 2011

Irresponsible Rectified:

1. PRAXIS : I don’t even know if I put this problem in the last update (I refuse to look back at that mess), but I found out I entirely missed a Praxis exam I was supposed to take by June 11. The ETS website had one possible testing date for the middle-school certification exam I needed, July 23. Lucky for me (except not, at all) that is in the middle of my AP conference in San Francisco. SOLUTION: Registered (and paid $175) to take the exam in Berkley, 20 minutes from the conference, at 10:45am. I’ll miss a day of the conference and had to pay a huge late fee, BUT should only be about a week or two late with certification for the year.

2. ARKANSAS HISTORY: This I was terrified about all week. I had to pay another $275 (why I don’t know, because I thought I had already paid this?!) and got my transcript faxed yesterday: I GOT A D. I have never, ever been excited to get a D in my life, but alas. I am overjoyed. This must be what it feels like to be a low performing student. Just wondering and caring if you passed, remembering nothing from the course, not really caring about bigger implications of the actual learning part.

3. TAGS for my license plate: I called Michigan Secretary of State to tell them I had expired tags on my automobile. They replied I could only renew in person. In Michigan. Not wanting to explain that, actually, I’ve been living in Arkansas for a year and will continue to for another I stated, “But I’m in Arkansas for the summer. Is there anything I can do?” Ready to be sighed at and belittled and the subject of anger, I was so deeply relieved when the person I was speaking to, and the next two people I was connected to were all very, very kind and helpful. All I had to do was fax my old registration, insurance, and credit card numbers and I got my tag in the mail today!


I can now say I am much, much more at ease now that all of these messy things are getting tidied up. I can breathe. I will still be able to teach, without pay cuts or major stress, or people yelling at me.

Wonderful things: I finished Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (and wrote about it here) yesterday. I am going to Cleveland today to finally meet up with this guy for the first time in five or six years. A week from Sunday I am going to the east coast to see people I love. Mitch and I had quality hangout time alone in our house yesterday and now he’s playing records & doing art in the other room. I love the Delta. I love the Delta.

I love the Delta.

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  1. Woo hoo! Michigan DMV

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