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Aug 23 2011

Important is not a strong enough word.

In my sixth grade language class, we take time to talk about “purposeful vocabulary”. To say teaching is “important” is hardly purposeful. No. Teaching is imperative. Crucial. Vital. We’ve decided, as a culture, to focus on creating “productive and functional members of society”; my district’s mission statement boasts that we will “create world-class citizens” who…

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I am bursting, absolutely bursting, with all the things I want to share via blog and screaming and writing thousands of letters. However, now that I am smothered in the bliss of a job that consumes my entire life, the only way I can remotely attempt to do that is, apparently, at 12:41 on a…

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Aug 12 2011


When the casket rolled down the aisle, careening between the Bobcat purple seats of our high school auditorium, for a moment I thought I might cry. I thought about how awkward I’d feel, or if I’d have to walk in the opposite direction through the same path, despite the overwhelming laughter pouring through the rest…

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Aug 09 2011

First post about the Second year.

Laura woke me up this morning, standing in my doorway at 6:30, “You still wanna go, girl?” Eyes open, comfort of hand-me-down bed noted, “Yes. You?” And off we went, into the overcast Arkansas morning, for a three mile run before our first day of professional development for the year. We then left as a…

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Days, it’s taken me, days, to realize that this blog post is never going to be organized in my head in a way that will be clear and direct for the reader, and to realize that if I don’t update now all these things floating around will evaporate, disappear. Yesterday I attended Second Year Orientation,…

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