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Sep 28 2011


Wish I could add more background, but I’m just going to put three mini-posts in one. Day of the Funeral Today was our dean of students’ funeral, at 10am. To accommodate all the teachers that wanted/needed to go from our school, we put the entire student body in the gym to watch a movie during…

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Sep 25 2011


I can’t begin to describe my life right now. I don’t have the time, energy, or words for it. I wll condense by saying: The past four weeks have had me consistently happy. This sounds mundane, but the elaboration is that I have been the most consistently and genuinely happy in the past month than…

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Sep 11 2011

Are you sleeping?

One of my favorite fellow Teach For Us bloggers, Wess, left me a nice comment on my last, bitter post to the universe. It started with a question, “Are you sleeping?” Yes. Yes, I am sleeping. Enough? Probably not. Way more than last year? YES. Yes. I am sleeping. I am eating so much better,…

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Sep 06 2011

A note to life.

Dear life, I have no excuse for being tired, but I am. I worry I have been hiding from or avoiding you in some way, but I don’t know. It could be hormones, or just the big switch from summer back into school. I know I should be explaining about the joy in my classroom,…

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