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Sep 25 2011


I can’t begin to describe my life right now. I don’t have the time, energy, or words for it. I wll condense by saying: The past four weeks have had me consistently happy. This sounds mundane, but the elaboration is that I have been the most consistently and genuinely happy in the past month than I think I have been in likely two years. Summer was up there, but summer was floating in a dreamland, making short-term decisions and enjoying the luxury of not being attached to anything.

Right now, though, is different, largely because I feel more grounded than I have since before my mother died. I feel more like myself than I have since the same time. I feel human. I feel so real, most of the time, that I don’t feel real. This cannot be explained any better than what I’ve put here, but I’ll say I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before, ever. I think because history has such a huge part of it.

Teaching is amazing this year. It’s so completely different.

One note, before I share two amazing examples of student work from their test on Friday, is that our Dean of Students died this morning. When Sarah texted me I lost my breath and stopped still. A heart attack. I taught his daughter last year, and I interacted with this man every day since coming to teach at Reed. I cannot imagine how my students, who have been with him their entire elementary school careers, are going to react when they find out tomorrow. My town is small enough that when I came outside for the first time this morning my next door neighbor immediately asked, “Did you hear about…?”

It’s heartbreaking.


Here are two excellent paragraphs from Friday’s test. The prompt was, “Why is it important to do well in Language class this year?”

Why It’s Important To Do Well in Language Class

It is very important to do well in your sixth grade language class. One reason you should do well in your sixth grade language class is for you to have a good career. If you want to make tons of money in life you need a good career. Another reason you should do well in language class is to impress Ms. Lampinen. She likes to be impressed. One of the last reasons you should do well in sixth grade language class is to graduate on time. You should always want to graduate on time with your other classmates. That’s a few reasons why it is good to do well in sixth grade language class.

And the second:

Doing Well in Language

It’s very important to do well in language class. Language class helps us to write, speak, and act properly. We should all do well so we can meet Ms. Lampinen’s standards. Another important reason is that we should meet our goals. Meeting goals is very important to me and my class because we want to succeed. The one thing we should do is achieve. I believe we can achieve because anything is possible. Doing all these things will more than likely take you to success. Success is everything to me because if you can overcome obstacles, then it will be sweet, sweet success. That is why we, sixth grade students, will succeed this year!

I love my job.

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