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Oct 09 2011

Saturday evening.

I think I’m okay knowing there’s no way I’m getting any work done today. It’s Saturday. I’m sitting in Starbucks, as usual, with my favorite girls.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time deep in gratitude for my life as it stands right now. I could start crying within 60 seconds if I let myself consider it from the right angle. Especially in contrast to this time last year, I am intensely happy. I am so fortunate.

It’s been enough time since I’ve seen my family for me to start missing them. I miss cuddling with my dog, and talking to my dad in the kitchen after dark, and wandering city streets with my sister. I want to play with my little cousins and listen to my brother talk about work at the UN. I’m glad Thanksgiving is coming up, and I have a trip to Chicago in four weeks. I’ve got a longing building up.

I know I’m not an excellent teacher. I’m not great at grammar, and I’m not sure how to tackle narrative writing, but lord are my students invested. My fifth period class, in the last week (knock on wood), has been a turnaround class. Three weeks ago when they left my voice was hoarse; when they arrived I locked up with tension. This week they earned 15 class points in three days, I’ve heard peer-to-peer comments of “no one’s laughing when you do that,” and “that was totally inappropriate,” and “shhhhhhh”. Every day I told them how proud I am.

After sending out a call for book donations, I had five different people offer to send me entire series’. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, yet again. In the middle of third period on Friday, the full series of The Hunger Games arrived to my room, courtesy of college roommate and Chicago engineer Jay. By the end of the day, all the books were checked out by incredibly eager readers. Having high interest books changes everything.

I can already feel my super high from a few weeks ago leveling out into normalcy. My life, which last year was an ocean to drown in, has turned back into a dirt path. Not sure where I’m going, not sure I can even see the difference between path and woods, but if nothing else I’ve got solid ground beneath me. Finally.

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  1. els

    love love love! I’m so jealous!

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