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Oct 15 2011

Students wrote this.

1. This student wrote this during Friday Freewrite last week, after spending a week in In School Suspension (ISS).

Do you wonder why Ms. L is so short. Here is a story telling why. One day Ms. L was walking to the parking lot all by herself and stumbled upon a giant. Who was magical. They started communicating about how Ms. C’s [homeroom] class was. The giant talked about how bad we ere, but Ms. L disagreed. The giant hated when people disagreed with and Ms. L said she didn’t care. She started talking about how wonderful we were which made the giant angrier. So he did the oddest thing he grabbed a lock of her hair put it in his mouth then in 3 seconds he spit all on her. Then she started shrinking about 3 feet. The giant started laughing and then took off running.

2. This student handed me this letter when walking into fifth period today, after being out of school for four days because of a pretty nasty staff infection.

Dear, Ms. L

I decided to write you a letter about how you are the best teacher. Okay reason one woud be you take up time when you really don’t want to explain the lesson to us. The second is just that I really <3 you.

Well less say the third is you are kind and sweet. The 4th is that you always bring me up when I am down. For example when I was sad cuse dog died you told me that it would be allright.

If you want to know the fifth it is that you me me understand language better. The 6th is that you always even though it annoys me you make sure I do right. That is why your so great.



Halfway into class he said, “Ms. L, I wrote that because I was home so long and I was so bored and I started thinking about how great of a teacher you are.”

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  2. So we should only teach one day a week!

  3. But, seriously that’s awesome.

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