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Nov 13 2011

V tells all.

From our last Friday Freewrite:

F, 11-11-11

Have you ever lost a best best friend? I did, and I’ll tell you how. It all started when both of us where on the bus. We had a really big argument. She got really really mad at me. We both went home mad. Every day she wouldn’t speak to me or look at me. If she did look at me it was with an ugly look. On November 9, 2011 I asked J-la and Ms. L for advice to get my friend back. J-la said “maybe you should talk it through with her.” Ms. L said, “Talk it through with her, kill her with kindness, or write a note to her telling how I miss being friends with her.” I tried all of them. On Thursday I wrote a letter to her and she wrote back. “Ill think about it.” I thought to myself “yes”. You never know what she’ll say. Today we became best best friends again. She said “I cant’ stay mad at you.” I thought “my friend really cares about me.”

(Wednesday & Thursday I spent a good chunk of recess duty watching V try so hard not to cry as she asked me for this advice. When she wrote this she was so proud to have me read it that she made me carry her notebook and read as we walked to our bathroom break. Love this girl.)

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  1. Cindy

    Every day, you are making a difference there in Dumas. Never doubt it . . .

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