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Nov 16 2011

Perpetual updates.

Apparently, I have started blogging daily. I don’t mean to, but I need some way to spill so I can get some amount of sleep.

Speaking of, I have been waking up this week to this deep, semi-awful heaviness. It feels like I’m running or having nightmares, but without any recollection at all. I have been getting the same (or more?) amount of sleep, but when I wake up I am miserable. This could be a result of general life changes, or season changes, or… something. I don’t like it.

Tomorrow I am leaving for the airport directly after school and I am basically unprepared for it. Only because now when I leave I genuinely care about my students being productive, and worry … sigh. But these two days gone and this weekend conference will be very productive for myself and thus my students, I’m hoping. Fingers crossed.

Today I was pulled out of first and second period for a vertical team meeting in which I 1) spent an hour on the Laying the Foundation website “searching for a module 10 lesson plan” and wanting to rip my hair out of my head. My kids need to learn, please let me help them learn. While I was twiddling my thumbs and accepting formal interviews for St. HOPE prep, my sub was literally disregarding half of the lesson plan I handed to her and explained before I left.


And yes, I threw that in there on purpose. After my last ICEgroup session of the year (so, so weird that it’s already over, this year is flying by at hyper speed), I had a formal phone interview with the principal at St. HOPE’s Oak Park Prep, the new charter 7th-8th school opening in Sacramento.

I love interviewing. I can’t help it. I love writing resumes and cover letters and any business writing, and I especially love interviewing. This means I ended up having more questions for the principal than he did for me (oops). This also ended with him asking to come observe me in Dumas the week we get back from Thanksgiving break.


No joke. At the least, it will be nice to have a fresh set of non-Delta eyes in my classroom. I don’t even know how to take it, really. Quick steps, here. I also emailed back a charter in Nashville to have a phone conversation about opportunities there, and I am also deeply in love with Dumas.

So what am I going to do next year?

Guess you’ll find out in about six months.

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  1. Wess

    go get ‘em! You’re a beast!

  2. Ashley

    I love that you post everyday! As a future TFAer I love reading about what you experience! Thank you for posting!

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