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Nov 21 2011

Teaching Storytellers

Prompt: Your teacher has asked you to write an essay about your favorite memory. (etc etc)

Student Response:

One day I woke up very early cus it was my birthday. My sister Brend and I were happy. Brenda and I went to McDonds on our bikes, then we came home to jump on the trampalin. I spotted mom cooking chicken on the grill.

I was sad that my dad didn’t call to say happy birthday. My sister texted him.

My sister side (“if you are the man you would Happy B-Day to M******, or send some monie”). My dad called my mom and dad side (“I am not calling eany more”). My mom sister and I didn’t care eany more, and Brenda side (“forget him”).

This is an excellent, important story, and I’ll be damned if I can’t help these students make their voices heard.

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