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Nov 30 2011

Future Prospects.

Being observed for two hours straight is both exhausting and exhilarating, apparently. My students were champions today. Regardless of if this turns into a job in California or not, today was one of the most motivated and productive I have been as an educator since becoming an educator. It was incredibly validating, self-esteem boosting, and proved what my kids are made of.

Two class periods, ho-ly cow, what these kids are capable of! I’m depressed and inspired by the excellence I have yet to have tapped into with these students. If I can get my management under control [more], and have concrete plans… sigh. The potential of these students! I saw it today! They worked and they succeeded and it wasn’t perfect or incredibly difficult, but I saw something today, maybe even in my own teaching practices, that I didn’t realize was possible.

So, how’d it go? Well. Who knows. I have no idea. It went fine. This principal is hard to read, but that’s fine. I was really glad to have another body in the room for two hours; glad to finally get awesome critical feedback; glad to go through another interview. I don’t know why I love interviewing so much, but I do. I think I make it something of a personal mission to “crack” my interviewer as it’s happening– to get a genuine burst of laughter, a fumble, something that humanizes them. I definitely saw that today, which was relieving and comforting.

Tons of things I’m forgetting, but I’ve got to plan for this week, seeing as I am leaving for trip #4 after school tomorrow. Good Lord.

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  1. Ms. Math

    I love being reminded what the kids can do-even if it is in short bursts of excellence.

    • It is a truly amazing thing. AWE INSPIRING WAAAHHHH…!

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