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Dec 30 2011

Year ends.

It took an email subscription from GOOD for me to really process that despite having half of a work-year left, this is the end of a real year. Soon comes January, soon comes the end of 2011, soon comes resolutions and new things. Or something? It’s interesting: time, and how we track it. The three…

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Dec 28 2011

Applications continue.

My mission is to apply for eight jobs before deciding where my life is headed for the 2012-13 academic year. A recap: Invisible Children, LA (rejected, unsurprisingly) GOOD Magazine, LA (haven’t heard back) St. Hope School District, Sacramento; Oak Park Prep specifically (no offer, but working closely with the principal to see if my classroom…

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Dec 22 2011

The reality of it is–

Every Christmas candy within my reach is being devoured. It is making me ill, and yet I continue. Reeses! Peppermints! Kisses! Stomachache. Funny that self-control is one of the biggest character buzzwords in my classroom. Funny I don’t have it. On the phone my aunt said my voice sounded a little small. That’s her euphemism…

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Dec 16 2011


Just finished my first full size candy cane of the season, about to sleep sitting at this computer. I haven’t been tired in a long time– all that traveling in the past six weeks wore me out, but nothing like this. Two full weeks of teaching and I’m a little fry-ball. See? That’s not even…

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Dec 14 2011

Real life.

Rod (we’ll call him), is a student in my homeroom class that I love. He is on his third Chronicles of Narnia book, all of which he has failed the AR tests before because the book is three years above his reading level (he’s at about 3rd grade, the books are about 6th). When I…

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Dec 12 2011

Marginally lethargic Sunday.

Tonight about fifteen teachers and fifteen students gathered in the library of Lighthouse Academies in Pine Bluff to celebrate leadership. It was a semi-formal dinner to celebrate our students. Other TFA-ers: this is the best idea ever, especially for spread our regions like us. We had three different towns pull students into this one event.…

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Dec 07 2011

The up side.

My obsession with gratitude is getting slightly out of hand. Five hours of sleep each night is catching up with me, but joy is beating out the ramifications. Also, five hours a night is inifinitely better than what I was at at this point last year. Barkles and I were debating a giant count down…

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Dec 03 2011

Should be sleeping, but…

instead I sit at a cafe in Connecticut, where I have been for at minimum three hours, listening to Man Man over the sound system and batting my dried-out eyeballs at this laptop. All the other 16 visitors went home today, but because I live in Arkansas and Little Rock is a phenomenally small airport,…

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Dec 01 2011

Hello, grad school.

On the horizon: applications number four, five, and six. 4. KIPP NOLA: A principal of a KIPP elementary school in New Orleans emailed me from the TFA resume collection blahblah, and we finally talked on the phone just before Thanksgiving. The conversation, surprisingly-but-not-surprisingly-because-it’s-KIPP, turned into a mini-interview that I did not have the time for…

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