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Dec 01 2011

Hello, grad school.

On the horizon: applications number four, five, and six.

4. KIPP NOLA: A principal of a KIPP elementary school in New Orleans emailed me from the TFA resume collection blahblah, and we finally talked on the phone just before Thanksgiving. The conversation, surprisingly-but-not-surprisingly-because-it’s-KIPP, turned into a mini-interview that I did not have the time for but was engaged in regardless. The principal was really interested in my writing philosophy, results, practice, strengths, weaknesses, etc. The attractive thing about this school is that they are looking, specifically, for writing teachers. This means I could keep and hone the skills I’ve been learning for the past two years, and have accountability and an awesome school culture (?) to back me up. I love writing. I love it, and it’s something I’d love to teach again. I’m going to do the application sometime in the next two weeks.

5. Grad School. Tonight I went to an informational session about Arkansas Tech. They’re piloting a program where a cohort of TFA teachers can go through their masters program in ed leadership, counseling, and/or curriculum. I’d go for the first. The women leading and instructing the program are sweet, warm, and passionate about innovation in Arkansas-specific education. They’re offering their first course this spring, which is geared to helping students find out if they’re interested and what they’re best suited for. Sounds awesome. The class is on-line, with just four in-person seminars in Russelville, AR, about 2.5 hours from me. Perk: they secured a grant that will pay for the first class for 15 students. Applying for that one by Sunday night!

6. M, TLD (Manager, Teacher Leadership & Development): This is a TFA staff position. I like the idea of balancing out my applications to include totally non-teaching positions, charters, and TFA staff. Seems to be a good idea; covering my bases. There are a number of reasons why I would both love and hate this position, but a cool thing is I can apply for any region. I’m thinking of applying for Delta and Detroit both, maybe some others but specifically those two. Realistically, though, I think if I did this I’d want to stay in the Delta (and maybe finish that grad program?!)

Moving along. I haven’t actually completed any of these applications, just put in personal info for numbers four and six, but in the next two weeks they should be done. Options, good God I love options. Sometimes I wish that for a living I could just apply and interview for new jobs. That would be nice.

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  1. April

    Really? You taught for two years through TFA, and you’re ready for school leadership? Ay.

    • Don’t be confused! Ready to LEARN about school leadership yes. I would def NOT be an administrator next year or anything!

      • April

        ooo ok :) It sounds like the KIPP program would be really fulfilling if you enjoy teaching writing, but all look like great options. Good luck!

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