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Dec 28 2011

Applications continue.

My mission is to apply for eight jobs before deciding where my life is headed for the 2012-13 academic year. A recap:

  1. Invisible Children, LA (rejected, unsurprisingly)
  2. GOOD Magazine, LA (haven’t heard back)
  3. St. Hope School District, Sacramento; Oak Park Prep specifically (no offer, but working closely with the principal to see if my classroom management can get up to par to deserve an offer)
  4. KIPP Nola, New Orleans (phone interview second week in January)
  5. *NEW!* Achievement First, New Haven, CT/Brooklyn, NY (application started but not finished, had an info call last week and will schedule another after the app is done. This is, duh, a result of their inviting me to High School Immersion Day early this month.)
  6. *NEW!* MATCH, Boston, MA (had an info call and loved their recruiter. The whole set-up of this charter is really, really attractive. Application process is also uniquely wonderful: all they want is a video of me teaching and references. They don’t do any formal application until they have that. Working with my M,TLD to have a video by mid-January I can email back. I really, really like this school. BUT I really, really don’t want to move back to the cold yet… hm.)
  7. *NEW!* HUGE, inc, Brooklyn, NY (Fortunately for me, my cousin is a partner at this super huge interactive web design agency. Saw her at Christmas where she placed two job offers in my lap– one in their internal marketing, and one in their new business. I’d be doing a lot of proposal writing, admin BS, and working to the bone. But it’s be totally outside of teaching, exercising my business muscles, and working with masses of super smart, super driven, super productive people. Tempting. I’m sending her my resume today.)

That means I need to find one more place to apply to before I’m done. Maybe it will be a grad school? Or maybe I should add Arkansas Tech on there, to which I’ve already applied? Maybe my eighth place is staying in Dumas and attending that school? My cousin is the current Director of Alumni Affairs for TFA Detroit, so at Christmas I asked her to forward me any Detroit education opportunities. I’m also still looking into TFA staff ideas, though I skipped the M,TLD craze. Glad I didn’t invest the 4 hours necessary to finish that application for a job I don’t really want.

In addition to next-year-opportunities, I’ve been harvesting summer opps. I just finished two summer program applications:

  1. Delta Institute School Operations Manager — If I get this job it will be my third time attending Institute. Once as an intern; twice as a Corps Member; thrice as a SOM. If that’s not TFA staff material, I don’t know what is.
  2. Reality Israel — An awesome program specifically for current Corps Members. I have a few friends that attended this last summer and raved about it. I finished my application today, after an amazing letter of recommendation written by my mentor/ supervisor/ amazing human from college, SJB. Lord, I love that man.

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  1. Steve

    I worked as a MATCH Corps tutor before becoming a CM. Let me know if you want any info on what working at MATCH is like.

  2. Steve

    Also, the recruiter is a good friend of mine who served in my MATCH Corps.

    • Min? From our 30 minute phone conversation I love him. Which makes me love the school. Feel free to share any and all details of MATCH (and why you’re not working there?)!

      [email protected]

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