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Jan 31 2012

Less pressure, less fear.

Last night I finally went out to dinner with mah girl Miss H, after a much-too-long haitus. Despite teaching at the same school, we answer to different administrators, have separate secretaries, and see each other maybe once a week, for about three seconds. Our dinner turned into a two-hours gab fest, primarily focusing on school…

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Jan 29 2012

To the advancement of mental health.

Acknowledgement: The last post was depressing, within reason. It’s never nice to be given something then have it taken away. Aside from that little tug at my gut, I was mostly relieved at the great disappearing act of the Sacramento offer. This is because it 1) helped narrow down options 2) stopped me from rationalizing…

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Jan 24 2012

Failure, professionally.

As if that wasn’t already happening for the past 18 months, future prospects are dwindling. Thursday after school I piled in the car with the boy roommates, so Art Teacher could buy a new car and I could get dropped off at the airport. After an entire week of <4 hours of sleep, I sat…

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Jan 18 2012

Regarding the future.

It’s Wednesday morning. I woke up at 5:18 to step into the slightly-more-brisk-than-yesterday morning air of the Delta, to jolt myself up despite the stars being out. My morning roommate is gone, interviewing for a Recruitment Manager (TFA) position in Baltimore. Typically we rise together, shuffling around the house to make coffee, smoothies, salad, or…

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Jan 17 2012

List of currents.

Driving to Little Rock with Leaf today with extremely strong, delicious coffee and music I haven’t listened to since tenth grade, I felt good about the day. Like I would finish the unit plan and assessment I talked about three weeks ago. Like my heart was in the right place, like I had a lot…

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Again I’m in a spot where a cohesive, single-themed post just isn’t in the cards. Thus: MGMT After the seriously-taken advice from Sacramento principal, my teaching practice has almost – almost done something I can’t describe without knocking on all the wood in my house. The simplicity of decent management (typing in a whisper here,…

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Jan 07 2012

Before the reacclimation.

Tomorrow morning is the dawn of slam time, where I’m aiming to hash out a revised vision, long term plan, unit assessment, and unit test. Check back to see if that happens. Before that kick can get me running again, get me sprinting through the month, jogging to spring break, then singing and dancing to…

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Jan 05 2012

On our way.

It’s Wednesday. Woke up at ten thirty, eleven, twelve thirty-seven. I think I finally was out of bed at five after, looking around, taking it in. Two weeks is a substantial break from daily routine, enough to let you forget what daily routine feels like, looks like, should be. Long enough for me to remember…

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