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Feb 14 2012

Better than Christmas: Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know how it happened, but down south Valentine’s Day is the most publicly celebrated holiday in school. Enough so that parents get notices about the time they are allowed to bring gifts, lists of students five minutes long are called over the PA to go get the gifts, and everyone walks home with big cellophane wrapped boxes of stuffed animals, soda, and candy.

Last year I was amazed at the things I saw; this year I was amazed at the things I carried home.

  • Coffee: Sarah came to our house with McCafe for each member of our house, complete with adorable pink hands that said “You deserve a hand.” Best way to wake up, even if I was filled with green snot (sickling).
  • Giant Homemade Cookie: Before school started, student mini-Ketch was at my door, giving me a giant cookie on a paper plate “with a littler one on top.” She made it specially for me. It’s huge and adorable. Plus a Snoopy Valentine.
  • Valentines. Hello Kitty, Snoopy, fairy tattoo, dog tattoo… and when I opened them a few had hand-written notes scrawled in the tiny space between the obnoxious graphics. My favorite: “I’m proud to be in your class
  • Gloves: “That you can wear on duty!”
  • THE BEST ONE: While walking out of the teachers lounge during lunch, I was tracked down by a mom and her older son (her younger son got switched out of my homeroom today). She had a ceramic bowl filled with three candy bars and two mini-bottles of wine. In the older son’s hand was a balloon, which are banned on our campus because they’re not allowed on buses. They knew they were carrying things that should not be in school, and asked to go right to my car, but I didn’t have my keys so the gifts hid in my closet until after school. Totally ridiculous.
  • THE OTHER BEST ONE: I was pretty out of it on cough medicine today, so I can’t even remember when this came, but I had flowers delivered to my classroom! Oh, fourth period. I know because my kids begged to see the card. When I opened it, all it said was “J.” That’s it! J WHO?! They all said, “It’s Jay! Who sent us the books! Jay sent them!” (Jay, I hope you read this! :) ) It also might be a T, I have no idea. I’m totally in love with them, though.
  • Coffee mug, more candy, more candy.

Valentine’s Day is absolutely my new favorite holiday.

Side note that I want to mention: Today I had a shadow all day! Our secretary told me last week that a new man was coming to be a sub at our school, and he’d be shadowing me Tuesday. I forgot until he showed up at my door this morning. I’m sick enough to be out of it and blowing my nose every ten minutes, but having him in my room was so fun. He coaches basketball, so he knows a bunch of the kids already. He’s a minister and awesome. I was also super flattered that the secretary decided to plant him in my room for the day. Feels like I’m a legit teacher, like people trust that I have my act together. (I’m starting to think I really might have my act together.)

What was really fabulous was after class he was talking to one of my girls about our persuasive appeals (pathos, logos, ethos) and how they relate to basketball. “When you talk to the ref, you gotta use ethos. You gotta trust he’s going to make a better call the next time.” SO. AWESOME.

Basically, best day ever. Again.

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  1. Your positivity is contagious! It sounds like your act is together if someone is giving you balloons AND wine. Congratulations! Hope you start feelin’ better soon.

  2. els

    I totally agree with you there! I did NOT expect to get that much candy! My kids were hyper and completely distracted, but that’s understandable. Valentine’s Day has got to be the best holiday to have school.

  3. Shoshana


  4. V

    ! :)

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