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Feb 26 2012

Lazu’s Letter, asking for your help.

Hey y’all,

I have a student, Lazu (fake!), who needs some help. I’m going to let her do the talking because she wrote the following letter, but I’ll add one bit of context: when we wrote essays last week about which 6th grade student should speak at promotion based on behavior, grades, kindness, and all-around excellent, every single class brought up her name and defended it. She has respect from all teachers and all students.

She wrote this letter entirely by herself, to show parents and community members. I offered to share it here in hopes some readers might be able to help her out.

Here it is:

Hi my name is Lazu. I am eleven years old, but I will turn twelve on March the twenty-seventh. I have three brothers and great parents. I have excellent behavior and outstanding grades. Because I have great behavior, grades, and a good character, my social studies teacher nominated me for the Jr. NYLC in Washington, DC. This is an amazing opportunity, but the only problem is the money. That’s where you come in. I will gratefully accept donations for this trip. I enjoy helping people, but this time I need people to help me. Like I said earlier, I will appreciate any donation and accept it gratefully. Thank you for your help.

I’m sure if you want more details about Lazu, her trip, her life, or anything else she or I will be happy to share. She has raised about $400 independently so far, but needs $3,000. I’m willing to match donations up to $150, too!

Thanks for your help! Please contact me directly if you can help Lazu learn life, academic, and social skills through this awesome program at [email protected]


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  1. Cindy

    Caroline, how much time does Lazu have to raise the money? I will contact you via email about my donation, and I have a lot of really great ideas for her as well . . . look for my email!

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