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Mar 11 2012

Summer and beyond.

Clicking, the satisfying snap when a Lego is perfectly placed, one on the other. Or a button on an old western shirt, a battery back into a computer.

Tonight things have clicked into a certain comfort. I have nothing resolved, no new endeavors, I’m just comfortable.

Yesterday we had our third grad seminar for our leadership course. It was an interesting event. From these experiences at Arkansas Tech, I remember the huge conflict that is higher education: value versus valueless. I can’t decide where the line is with this program: is it worth staying in Arkansas and paying to pursue? Should I follow through because I’ll be here anyway, or wait and apply for a principals academy next year? Or never go to grad school? Or go for a masters in literature, or an MFA in visual arts, or an MBA in management? Do I care about grad school? I like the philosophy of not going to grad school unless it’s paid for. If that’s the case, I either need to decide to stay in Dumas three more years, or take no classes next year and wait it out.

I still have a large hankering to take a college level grammar class somewhere. Seriously. I want it in person, though, because I hate on-line education.

Further thoughts about next year: I applied to be a Learning Team Leader for Professional Saturdays. Next year I am a TFA alumni; I don’t have to do anything related to the organization. I’m done. I have an inkling, though, that if I stay in the delta I will need some affiliation with the organization to stay motivated and to keep holding myself to the high expectations I’ve grown used to. Being a LTL will help with that. If chosen, I would co-lead the middle school ELA professional development for corps members. It’s like a step up from what I currently do, which is lead a course for about 10 CMs specifically about writing instruction.

Yes, it is insane that as a second year teacher I am in charge of content-specific development.

Institute is the intense 5-wee training program for new CMs. So far I’ve been twice: first as an intern, second as a corps member. This summer I applied to be a school manager, which would entail many administrative duties, basically a building coordinator.

However, from my application, the hiring staff emailed me last week to ask if I’d be willing to take on the Corps Member Adviser (CMA) role. This is the job that, at institute the second time, I consistently proclaimed, “I would never, never, ever want that job.”

Well, with my philosophy of filling a need over driving toward one specific goal, I chose to fill the proposed need and accept the CMA position over the School Manager position I applied for (I was given the choice). This is both exciting and terrifying. My CMA group will be exclusively secondary ELA CMs.

I have a draft of a letter for my superintendent; it’s basically a request for greater responsibility within the district. Not as in more authority, but a stronger position of leadership to either begin remedying issues, or to spearhead something new. We’ll see if I manage to actually send it this week.

I’ve plenty of classroom updates as well, but those will have to come later in the week.

In exactly five days from this moment, I should be landing in NYC for the beginning of spring break! Yes yes yes.

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