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May 31 2012

Welcome, 2012s! Here is advice for you.

I recently sent out an insanely long email to the five new Dumas corps members, and immediately felt like I’m doin’ too much. To help rationalize the amount of time (too much) I spent ranting, I’m posting it here. I know TFAnet probs has about 800 more, but here’s the C-line Spin.   (how to…

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May 25 2012

Last, not last.

More and more, I feel finality doesn’t exist. Closure is a pipe dream. “The end” is as ridiculous in real life as it is at the end of one of my sixth graders’ essays, or anything other than a fairy tale. No finality, just a continuum. Today is the last day of my Teach For…

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May 22 2012

Organizational ecstacy.

I am in the middle of bliss, literally. To my left is my over-sized purse; a gift from a student that I was given at promotion yesterday; my phone and wallet; a coffee cup, Kool-Aid cup, and water bottle; a binder of discipline, folder of promotion speeches, and templates for my Do Now and homework.…

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May 15 2012

Student work, last essay installment.

Prompt: Everyone needs help sometimes. Write an essay about a time when you helped someone. From the boy who gives me a hug when he enters and leaves my room every single day: People now a days may be inhumane, but as for me I enjoy letting people think of me as a nice and…

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May 13 2012

To the 2010 Mississippi Delta corps:

I am in awe of you. Sitting in Jobe Auditorium on Saturday, Sally and I stared at each other. Sally, who I met on day one of institute, who talked to me about God and the ex-boyfriend and teaching, who went on runs with me in the 90 degree heat. Who just got married and…

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May 13 2012

Choose your own conclusion.

One of the Delta experiences I shared with my sister this weekend was the ball game. My student Jack asked me every day for a week (literally) if I would come watch his game Friday at seven. By the end of the week, and countless requests for my attendance, our conversations were along the lines…

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May 07 2012

Beginning or end.

You know, I have two full weeks left with my kids, not even. Wednesday I have release time in the morning to plan for next year (seriously! Thank you, Dumas!) Friday my sister is coming to visit. Please understand: Friday my sister is coming to visit. Not sure if I ever posted about the crying…

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May 01 2012

Angels and miracles.

This morning I woke up after four hours of sleep, awake. I’m rarely awake when I wake up, but I was practically laughing. Five am, I’m clicking away, putting in grades, thinking about my lacking lesson plans. Antsy from the weekend, I emailed my sisters about my anxiety then hopped into my running shoes. 5k…

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