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May 15 2012

Student work, last essay installment.

Prompt: Everyone needs help sometimes. Write an essay about a time when you helped someone.

From the boy who gives me a hug when he enters and leaves my room every single day:

People now a days may be inhumane, but as for me I enjoy letting people think of me as a nice and respectful young lad. I suspect that many people of humanity think doing great things is boring, but I have come up with many ideas when people has needed help. To me, helping elders to children has been a pleasure and with my heart I have wanted to do it forever.

Now that I’ve told you my reason, let’s skip to the story of a time when I had wanted to ehlp a man at a carehome feel spcial. It was a bright and shimmering morning at Sunnyville Care home in Saint Louis, MO. I had met a man who was in his sixties names Mr. Bob. I asked him his story that led up to his life, but unfortunately he had not spoken in 10 yrs to a disorder he had. I tried to understand why every time he touched my shoulder he started sobbing and weaping. Many thoughts, yes, many thoughts.

The excitement of helping can be a sorrow to your soul. I had a conclusion that he had lost someone close and dear to his life. It seemed as if a young lad such as me.

Still the thoughts was making my heart started to weap through its vessels. I then thought why should I just sit here and be a discourage, because the whole reason I am doing all these things for people so why could I not help him?

Even the struggles you see that are happening can be fixed with the joy of others. Seeing him there I said “When I come to Sunnyville I will come bring a donut of any variety for you and for me.” The expression on his bright shinning face made me have hope that he would ride his life swell. Even during rough times I know when to help. And I congour the evil and patride people face. [?]

Seeing this experience has not just touched my heart, but my soul and whatever you do know the golden rule.

From my North Carolina transplant. My only comment on her paper was “I love you.”

Being able to have the heart to support someone and stand up for them is a gift, isn’t it? I , as a person, have always tried to help people, whether it’s school work or a personal situation. For me, the greatest thing I did, am doing, happened in Arkansas.

When I first arrived at my new school. instantly I noticed mistreatment of a certain student. My fellow peer was about a year younger than I am, or only a few months. I was assigned to the same class as her. This student’s name was D. I discovered that she did not live far from my grandmother’s house, as which I was to stay. You are most likely pondering on who the villianious villian, known as “the bully”, is. His undivided attentional name is J, and I have singled him out as the main source of all evil, he probably has dvil horns hidden in his head. I have elaborated on the issue, and confirmed that he relishes on damaging other citizens’ feelings.

During my first official week there, I gathered up the courage, and anger, to speak out about what I have been seeing going on . I was in smileyface’s, Ms. L’s, class. This was second period for my class. We were engaged in a conversation about a female who was killed. D offered some money to assist in paying for a bundle of flowers. Then, the bully started to roar in laughter at what she said, mocking her, I did not think this was amusing. Basically, I fussed J out. Not knowingly, I began a class discussion.

The real reason I attempted anything like that, is because I kind of saw myself in her. I was never one of the “cool” kids. Always, I received awards for academic accomplishments. Was I a trouble maker? No, all the teachers adored me. Being quiet, and listening to my surrounding have lead me to observe what was occurring at my school. Deep down inside I knew that I had to to do something about it, no one else would. I thought to myself, “What if that was me?”

Still today I fight in attempting to repair the damage that has been done, the more I Try, the larger the hole becomes.

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  1. Wess

    Oh my lord.
    What have you been DOING in that classroom? You’ve exposed the most beautiful humans!

  2. sarah

    clampy! i never leave comments on your blog but this time i’m going to because that writing is amazing. YOU are amazing!!

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