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Jun 29 2012

Classroom power.

It has happened. Bless this town, this school, these CMs, because it has happened. No, there wasn’t a light switch. No, students aren’t suddenly mastering the rigorous content we’re planning and throwing at them. No, students aren’t applying to college as I type. But today, walking around our school, it was practically palpable. I ran…

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Jun 25 2012

The present: the future.

Week 1 of teaching, which is Week 2 of institute, is over. On Friday, I put let it go by e. e. cummings into my CMs’ mailboxes. It is one of my favorite poems ever (I have “let all go dear so comes love” engraved on my iPod). Then I went to dinner, bowling with…

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Jun 18 2012

Institute Take 3, Day 1.

Oh, the glory. I went to bed half past two, and woke up at five. Forty-five minutes later Mo, Mary-C and I were driving to Belzoni, shrieking with delirious sleep-deprived laughter about nothing. Arrived just before seven to locked gates. On the first day of school. I feigned the ability to exist as I shuffled…

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Jun 12 2012

And after this?

Oddly, I feel more like a leader now, today, as a CMA, than I have possibly in the past two years. Why do I feel more empowered here than I ever have as a teacher or other TFA leader? I feel supported, like I know what I’m doing. I wrote this at school yesterday, could…

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Jun 06 2012


The Delta Institute’s Week Zero started yesterday. Today we were dismissed early to attend the opening for Induction, where James Meredith spoke. An amazing man with a perfect southern hat, it was while he was speaking that I just had to be distracting. Had to pull out my tiny notebook and black pen, had to…

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Full circle. Seems I began a tradition in which I attend Institute every other summer. Though I’m not sure where I’ll be living come August, I do know that care packages are the number one best way to get through institute insanity. So, if you’ve got it in your heart to send a pack of…

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