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Jun 01 2012

The Sunflower address returns. Mail me things.

Full circle. Seems I began a tradition in which I attend Institute every other summer. Though I’m not sure where I’ll be living come August, I do know that care packages are the number one best way to get through institute insanity. So, if you’ve got it in your heart to send a pack of J. Beebz trading cards, a letter, a Mississippi Mud cake, a small plastic babydoll, or 50 cents for a Coke, as of Monday you can send it to me at:

Caroline / CMA Staff Member
Teach For America
Delta State University
Box B4
1003 West Sunflower Road
Cleveland, MS 38733

As for saying goodbye to everyone but Eliese at 6:30 tomorrow morning, well, I don’t want to talk about it.

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  1. Steven Calvario


    It’s been a real treat reading your blog ever since I joined the corps in June. I will be a corps member in the Delta, so I would hope I get to meet you sometime during Induction/Institute!


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