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Aug 31 2012

Second week, third year.

I spend half my class periods going over homework. I didn’t necessarily do this on purpose; it was a result of long homework packets, pumping up investment, and an attempt to prove to students that completing it would be valuable for class. I hear piles of comments from district teachers that I wish I knew…

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Aug 24 2012

Amazing Adds

Y’all, highlights: At dinner today, Brittany told me “Girl, you’re getting southern…” then proceeded to mock the way I pronounced “salad”. This is amazing because 1) that means Brittany came to dinner! I miss her! and 2) Me! Southern!! 159 people volunteered to write letters to my students. I am beside myself, absolutely. Now comes…

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Aug 21 2012

Benevolent Strangers

I know no talk has meaning until it’s coupled with action, but this whole letter-mentoring thing is out of control. This morning I went to bed at two and woke up at 6:20. When I left for school, 14 people had signed up to help (already impressive). Right now, just a day after my initial…

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UPDATE: As of Friday, at 12:15am, I have 158 volunteers. This is a solid 28 more than I asked for, which was already 10 more volunteers than students. I haven’t broken down the male to female ratio of volunteers to students yet (I prefer to keep genders the same), but if I need more people–…

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Aug 19 2012

Delta Year Three

Perhaps the longest hiatus from this blog I’ve ever taken, just then. In recent weeks, the firey education zest I was harboring slowed a little. I drove for, google tells me, 32 hours as I traveled from A (Dumas) to B (Chicago) to D (Novi), E (Detroit) to F (Memphis) back to G (Dumas). I…

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Aug 07 2012

$$ MONEY $$

Arrival in Michigan happened at nine pm, throwing my last bad habit out the window and fervently texting family and friends as I cruised down 94. It was remotely terrifying, driving 76 mph even, after these two years with 65 mph speed limits. I’m missing a hubcap; my car is covered in something sticky from…

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I’ve finished my trips to Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, and New York City. Currently in Magnolia, Arkansas listening to the new Nas album, Life is Good on Spotify. In all the dead-time that accompanies travel, and in the post-Institute remembrance of “real life” socializing, and as a result of a conference facilitator who requires me…

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